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Consulting Servive Center

Isis    Time: 2023-08-05 07:57
Q: One of the frames broke. Wanted to know if I can get a credit or refund?
A: Dear Isis, can you take a photo of the frame for me?
FrancisHendrix    Time: 2023-08-04 08:57
Q: may I have the customer service number pls.
A: Dear FrancisHendrix, if you have any questions, you can directly communicate with me here or contact our after-sales email: service@mail-wherelight.com
Diana Blocherer    Time: 2023-08-04 08:11
Q: 82307231403280 I’m a bit frustrated regarding my order. I placed the order on July 23 and here we are 12 days later and no glasses. Upon placing my order and according to your updates the processing should have taken 4-8 days. According to tracking information my glasses have been sitting for two day’s waiting to be picked up. It appears that I might get my glasses by August 8-9. That ends up being 16 days. My frustration is with the fact that you clearly state 4-8 days to ship but that is not the case for me. I would have rather been told up front that it was a 2-3 week process. Not happy - no glasses yet
A: Dear Diana Blocherer, we are very sorry and will promptly contact the logistics company to inquire about the detailed information of this package.
Keona Coburn     Time: 2023-08-04 03:09
Q: Hello, I have two orders trying to see will they be shipped out before September 2023.
A: Dear Keona Coburn, we will send out the package in about a week.
Joyce Vesely    Time: 2023-08-03 09:35
Q: Hello, i ordered my glasses last month. My order number is 22307180826437. Can you please give me an update on when both pairs of my glasses will arrive? Thank you, Joyce Vesely
A: Dear Joyce Vesely, You can check the shipping status at https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tLabels=9214490221581601177239 And the tracking information shows that it was delivered in or at the mailbox at 9:51 am on August 3, 2023 in LA CROSSE, WI 54601.
HillaryColgan    Time: 2023-08-03 07:53
Q: When I go to the "My Orders" page I don't have any orders listed. I placed one with you on 7/24/23 and the money was taken out of my account. Do you see where I placed an order?
A: Dear Hillary Colgan, We would like to tell you that we have shipped your order out. You can check the shipping status at https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tLabels=92001903407724510076973840 And please make sure that you log in the correct account. If you can not find your order in your account, you might log in a incorrect account.
Emma    Time: 2023-07-31 23:33
Q: How long will it take to get my glasses in
A: Dear Emma, we would like to tell you that you can find it here: https://www.wherelight.com/helping/faq.php
ChevelleWinchester    Time: 2023-07-31 20:44
Q: Where do I submit my visual acuity?
A: Dear Chevelle Winchester, we would like to tell you that you can click \"select the lenses\", then you can fill your prescription.
Natalie    Time: 2023-07-28 01:12
Q: I can’t add an Australian delivery address as I can not enter the state. It only gives a drop down menu of US states
A: Dear Natalie, sorry to hear that, but please make sure that you choose the correct country first.
Kristin Van Boxtel    Time: 2023-07-26 20:11
Q: I am attempting to submit my prescription but it’s not accepting a “none” value under PD, which is what I need. Please help me save my prescription.
A: Dear Kristin,If you don\'t know your PD, you have rights to contact your doctor/optometrist to get your accurate PD value, or you can download this APP to measure it: https://www.glassifyme.com/pd-meter-app/ .
SarahTheis    Time: 2023-07-25 10:03
Q: I ordered my glasses without creating an account. How can I track my order?? Transaction number 2KJ79576CL6777630
A: Dear Sarah Theis, we would like to tell you that we have shipped your order out. You can check the shipping status at https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tLabels=9214490221581601131705
JanetShields    Time: 2023-07-24 10:14
Q: Where can I find my measurement from previous orders?
A: Dear Janet Shields, you can search the previous frames on our website. Then you can check the measurement of frame on our website.
Pip    Time: 2023-07-24 09:48
Q: Can you please tell me which country you post from?
A: Dear Pip, we would like to tell you that our factory is located in China.
Phoebe Bilbie    Time: 2023-07-24 06:00
Q: A received an email saying the glasses I ordered the other day are discontinued. Was to from you guys? Or was it maybe a scam email? Thank you.
A: Dear Phoebe Bilbie, yes, it is from us. please contact us as soon as possible.
H Glaser    Time: 2023-07-23 10:32
Q: Where is my order? 82307061008105
A: Dear Glaser, You can check the shipping status at https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tLabels=92001903407724560063680367
KimberlyShelton    Time: 2023-07-22 23:16
Q: Where are my orders.? I ordered 6 pairs of glasses on 6/30 and no response from you.? Please give an update My order numbers are as follows 823063023364422023-06-30 823063023292832023-06-30 Please respond asap.
A: Dear KimberlyShelton, You told us that you wanted to cancel the order. We sent many emails to you, but you don\'t reply us. We are waiting you for a long time. We have received your two orders: 82306302329283 and 82306302336442, which one you want to cancel? And would you please tell us the reason why you want to cancel ?
EmmaLeblue    Time: 2023-07-22 21:33
Q: How do you find the eye prescription I used before
A: Dear Emma Leblue, sorry, we can not find your previous prescription.
cher7007     Time: 2023-07-22 20:58
Q: How do I order frames only?
A: Dear customer, we would like to tell you that you can click\"select lenses\" and choose \"frame only\".
MarieMcGinnis    Time: 2023-07-21 22:21
Q: I have just placed an order 22307212209546 and I uploaded my prescription. Can I please confirm that all 3 glasses have the PD 60 and the following script Right SPH +4.25 Cyl -0.75 Axis 85 Near ADD 2.00 Left SPH +5.25 CYL -0.50 Axis 75 Near ADD 2.00 Many thanks for your assistance
A: Hello, We verified it for you, the SPH:0.00 CYL:0.00 you filled in, do you need to change it to the data you provided?
Rachael Pendergrass    Time: 2023-07-21 21:45
Q: Hi, The coupon code BOGO didn’t apply on my order. I was supposed to get my second pair of glasses and lenses free. Can you help? Rachael
A: Which two glasses do you want to buy? Can you tell us the name of the glasses and I\'ll check for you.
Felicia Richardson Harris    Time: 2023-07-21 15:10
Q: I ordered three pair of prescription eyeglasses and I cannot see out of either three pair my eye doctor was saying something about my progressive prescription and said y'all had to have done something wrong and now it's no way of me getting in contact with you guys only through email I wish I had of known this I mean even a live chat would work but you guys don't even have that and I love your company and your glasses but this is bad for business
A: Dear Customer, Thank you so much for your order, and we’re so sorry for the trouble brought to you. We sincerely appreciate that you can send us your paper prescription? We will help to double check your RX again. Look forward to your feedback. Best Regards
CobyHymes    Time: 2023-07-20 12:58
Q: I need to make sure the shipping address is right for my 2 orders: # 22307201248585 and # 82307171641189 I want both orders shipped to 10530 Linda Cir, Forney, TX 75126. Thank you
A: Dear Coby Hymes, we would like to tell you that the address you filled in the order is correct.
Cottrey Armstead     Time: 2023-07-18 17:39
Q: I order 3 pair of glasses and only 1 pair came in
A: Dear Cottrey Armstead, About the frame#58007 and the frame#911 ,we are sorry to tell you that the frame#58007 and the frame#911 are discontinued.We sent many emails to you, but you didn\'t reply us. So we shipped the other pair out first. Would you please choose 2 new frames on our website ? If the total price of two frames is not over $20, we will not charge you the price difference. You can send us the link of the new frames. Thank you for your understanding.
Chalandra    Time: 2023-07-17 12:15
Q: Do you have transitions in your glasses?
A: Dear Chalandra, we would like to tell you that you can choose photochromci tint in the lens tint.
Aubree Perron    Time: 2023-07-16 20:42
Q: Hi, I put the wrong delivery address. I would like to change it to 324 Leslie Street, Sudbury Ontario P3B 2T5. My order number is 82307161955473. Thank you.
A: We have modified the address for you
Luz Torres     Time: 2023-07-16 16:06
Q: I have 10 classes that I would like to purchase is not letting me please tell me how to do it
A: There is a limit to the number of glasses purchased in the same style.You can choose different glasses.
Monica    Time: 2023-07-15 17:06
Q: Un par de lentes vino con un defecto el vidrio de lado izq trae una núm y más aún lado trae un círculo chiquito que impide la visibilidad, como puedo hacer para que me lo arreglen
A: In order to see which part causes problems, would you please take a photo of the glasses to show us the problem first?
Monica Ramos    Time: 2023-07-15 16:36
Q: Llego mi pedido un par de lentes salió mal como lo devuelvo
A: Dear Monica Ramos, We feel so sorry that your order got something wrong during process. please don\'t worry. We will try our best to help you. But in order to see which part causes problems, would you please take a photo of the glasses to show us the problem first? Look forward to your reply. Best wishes.
brackens    Time: 2023-07-15 09:48
Q: I love my glasses. I need to add a prescription +10 to my prescription order. So i need to return them. Actually i love the greens and would like to return the tortoiseshell and get another pair of glasses. My order # is---22306071028128// I need the rerurn address.
A: Dear brackens, We are sorry to tell you that glasses are a custom product and cannot be resold to others after being returned Kindly note we can offer you a $26.83 coupon on repeat order and we will try our best to shorten the lead time.Please tell us wheather you can accept it. Thanks so much for your attention and look forward to your repeat order. Best Regards Dear brackens, We are sorry to tell you that glasses are a custom product and cannot be resold to others after being returned Kindly note we can offer you a $26.83 coupon on repeat order and we will try our best to shorten the lead time.Please tell us whether you can accept it. Thanks so much for your attention and look forward to your repeat order. Best Regards
Karen Moberly    Time: 2023-07-15 07:54
Q: What is your return policy. The glasses I ordered are nice glasses and the prescription was correct. They just naturally fit lower on my nose (even after an adjustment) and that throws of the position of the bifocal. Just asking if they are returnable. No fault of yours it’s just the style I picked.
A: Dear Karen Moberly, Since the glasses are custom-made products, they cannot be used by others after they are returned.You can choose another frame.Please tell us the new frame name and color. We will remake the glasses for you.
If you have any questions about our products and service, please leave a message. Our customer service members will answer your questions as soon as possible. Before you ask the questions, we suggest you make sure your email address is correct. Our customer service staffs are very happy to answer every question you will ask no matter what kinds of complaints and suggestions you give for we take customers as our gods.